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Fotos Dalian .Liaoning

Dalian is the governing sub-provincial city in the eastern Liaoning Province of Northeast China. Dalian is a northernmost ice-free seaport in China.

Forest Zoo  »

Forest Zoo
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There are six functional sections in the park: garden-like herbivorous animal section; tower-like lions and tigers section; the mountain-like bears section; crane-like chimpanzees and baboons section; the special Asian elephants section; and the natural protection section where pandas, smart squirrel monkeys, and fire-like flamingos reside. It has a total of more than 1000 animals of 130 species.

Gloden Pebble Beach  ( Jinshitan ) »

Gloden Pebble Beach
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This famous Golden Pebble Beach combines the elements of sea, beaches, cliffs and islands all in one place. Of special interest are the peculiar geological formations: the sedimentary rock, eroded by the sea over the years has taken on unusual and beautiful forms.

Sun Asia Ocean World  »

Sun Asia Ocean World
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At Sun Asia Ocean World, where some 7,000 fish of about 200 species make their homes which give real life scenes of ocean creatures with a rich array of fantastic and spectacular views. Walking in the unique under-sea passage, you can get up close and personal with exotic fishes, sharks and other sea life.

Tiger Beach Scenic Area  ( Laohutan ) »

Tiger Beach Scenic Area
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The name of the Tiger Beach is derived from the fact that a rock outcropping in the sea looks like a sleeping tiger.The aquarium opened in 2002, animals both from the south polar and the north Polar Regions includes polar bears, penguins, polar belugas and sea elephants share neighborhood here. Altogether the aquarium has 11 species of 153 polar animals and it also boasts of 3,000 fish.

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