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Fotos Mudanjiang .Heilongjiang

Mudanjiang is prefecture-level city in Heilongjiang province of the People s Republic of China. Mudanjiang is the seat of Mudanjiang prefecture. Mudanjiang is a city with a power plant. Mudanjiang has a railway junction and the Mudanjiang Airport serves several Chinese cities, including Beijing, as well as Seoul, Korea. Mudanjiang is about 160 km from the Russian city of Vladivostok; population of 607,000.

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Jingbo See
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Jingbo Lake lies in the southeast of Heilongjiang Province. Regarded as the West Lake in Northern Area, it is one of the famous scenic attractions as well as summer resorts in China. The lake surface measures approximately 31.1 miles long from south to north and 5.6 miles wide from east to west. This long and narrow alpine barriers lake took form since the magma flowing from volcano eruption dammed the Mudanjiang River about ten thousand years ago.

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